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2010. december 10., péntek


An alliance was forged by Julien Assange, which is up to break the USA "highly classified"files,and let people know 'bout what's happening in reality, though they did a lot more...
This alliance is the elitest hacker alliance in the world by now, which has totally ruined the whole VISA-server, so that it has collapsed, no one could do anything but waiting for 8 hours, cuz the server was down for that paticular time, which is(if you think it over twice) pretty much, though.
They count the demage in billion dollars(milliárd dollárokban).
But let's start it in the beggining:In April 2010,a group of hackers, named WikiLeaks posted a video in which Iraqi civilians and journalists were killed by U.S. forces.This incident happened in 2007.
WikiLeaks broke the secret files of the War in Afghanistan in 2010,July, and released more than 76,900 documents.
Then, they released a new satchel of infos called the Iraq War Logs, with around 400,000 docs.
In November, they started to release U.S. State department diplomatic cables.
People wanted to send them money, to help them in releasing more classified files, and make people know what went on the past few years, well rather not few, but that's another theme...
So that VISA denied transactions enabling many people to support WikiLeaks with money via their server, they "banished them to a dark oblivion" (as Cartman would say) for 8 hours.
Right after that, when the server was working again, a 16 year old Dutch boy, alone broke it again, and it was down for anoher 6 hours!
This boy was cought by the cyberpolice, and this is where we are at in the present.
Good luck to ya, dude!Ya've done well!

2010. november 5., péntek

Hey Dudes!

What's up guys?Everything's OK?Well if your answer is yes,you might be insterested in my friend: Miky Mike.Come M.M.!Let they see you!See?He's a little crazy,but no problem!Well Tom Cruies wasn't so moderate than you would think...This time it'll be enough so good by!

2010. augusztus 20., péntek

Andy Murray hails 'perfect' preparation for US Open

Andy Murray
Murray had requested to play later in the day

Andy Murray described as 'perfect' his preparation for the US Open despite defeat by Mardy Fish in the quarter-finals of the Cincinnati Masters.

The Briton lost 6-7 (7-9) 6-1 7-6 (7-5) in intense heat on Friday, ending a seven-match unbeaten run that included victory in Toronto last week.

And despite suffering in the soaring temperatures, Murray told BBC Radio 5 live: "It's been perfect.

"I think I've played enough matches. It might be a good thing I lost today."

The Scot had struggled with the heat in his previous match against Ernests Gulbis and was treated court-side by the doctor in the second set against Fish.

"I don't think it was a match too far, I nearly got it done, but I just could have had a little bit more luck with the way the schedule turned out and it might have been a different match," he said.

"I went inside after the first set just to try and cool down because it was really hot and at the end of a very tight set the adrenaline was up."I almost managed to pull through in the end but he just played a little bit better.

"Then when I came back out and cooled off a little bit I felt sore head, throbbing, probably a bit of dehydration and just general fatigue. The doctor did a good job and cooled me down with a lot of ice and I felt OK."

Murray had requested a late start for his quarter-final but was scheduled for the opening match at 12pm local time - his third successive match in the afternoon sun.

Tournament officials rejected Murray's request as they took into account the fact that Fish was still in the doubles competition.

"You play when you're told to," said Murray. "I obviously played very well last week and I'd rather be in the position I'm in now than if I'd lost early last week.

"The organisers have to put the matches on that they want on the TV and if someone's got doubles they need to take that into consideration, you can't completely forget about it."I'd have liked to have played later, that was pretty clear, but it didn't happen and I just tried to deal with it as best I can.

"But when the only time you ask not to play first, you get put on first, it's a little bit strange."

With 10 days to prepare for the final Grand Slam of the year, which gets under way at Flushing Meadows on 30 August, Murray is convinced he will be 100% fit when he bids for a first major title.

"Physically this week has been good for me," he said. "I came in a little bit tired after the previous week and played three long matches, so in terms of match fitness I'll be fine going into the US Open."

2010. augusztus 15., vasárnap

"Raging Riviera"

In this mid-day,i could have a first hand experience on the "fury of the Riviera".
A srtong wind,raughly araund 60 km/h fast,lasting for hours,starting in the morning and strengthening as time passes by has been rushing,and still rushing trough the coastline,enraging the sea,and 30 metres from the coast in the water,waves of 7 metres are giving you a life-time experience wich is an extremelly rare and almost unique happening in these coasts..in this period of the year.These"towers" are "just" 5,or in scales of average 3 metres high when they reach,and assult the coasts of the sea.
I will never forget this memory,and experience.

2010. március 16., kedd

Saint Patrick's Day

The 17th of March is known as St. Patrick’s day, because on this day, in AD. 461. he died. He was a priest, who tried to make Irish people Christian. People associate green with he, so people on St Patrick’s day decorate streets with green ribbons and shamrocks. They use shamrock because St. Patrick use it first, as a symbol of Holy Trinity and nowadays it became inseparatable symbol of St Patrick’s Day. His day is a national holiday in Ireland.

2010. január 31., vasárnap

Sherlock Holmes - critics

The new Sherlock Holmes is a victorian buddy-movie,that doesn't mean that it's bad.Moreover,Robert Downer Jr. is fantastic.

"It's Lord Blackwood sir.It seems...he's returning from the grave."
The story is it's weak point of the movie.Do you know the bad guys from the Bond-films,those who want the whole world?Lord Blackwood is a similar guy,all but one:it looks,he couldn't be murderd.And that's what the film is about,Holmes and Watson's chase trough London.These guys don't want to be late,so they don't stop on every corner,just for a short punch-up,or a beautiful woman.And smoke?And where's the deerstalker?Guy Richie doesn't know what is that,so we can forget it.

"Watson,what have you done?"
Every one knows the special Holmes-theme from the Jeremy Brett-series (if you don't,here you can listen to it) .
Hans Zimmer composed a very different Holmes-theme (here you can listen to it) .If you listen both of them,you see how different the classic and the new Holmes-adaptation is.It's good to see,nothing's permanent,everything changes with the world.A today's child doesn't intrested in the logical explanations.But the mills are exiting enough,and the jokes are funny to engage them.Holmes and Watson are disposed to jarring,and that's dammed funny.

"Mr.Holmes,it's a quite new case.You underrated the gravity of comming events."
Holmes changed a lot.He's a philanderer,a smart detectiv,he punches everybody,his is insolent,sometimes he bursts in anger and he's not able to fiddle.And he has got a girlfriend,Irene Adler.But Watson's more surprising.He's not that clod-hopper.Jude Law,our best romantic actor's character's charming,but he's the stable table leg under Holmes's roll desk.He's wife is Mary Morsten.

"Holmes,your own deprevity have no known bounds." "No."
Richie,the director of Lock,stock and two smoking barrels,Snatch and RocknRolla always had good charcters,but this time he concentrates on the victorian London's set,and he had a good job.He borrowed the scene from Tim Burton's Sweeny Todd-The demon barber of Fleet Street.The filthy,dirty,snuffy locations are pukka,and the actors move very well in the set.The picture is clean,and transparent.The final cut is very good,so congratulations cutter!

"The case is closed."